What We Offer

The STX UPS range is engineer and designed by one of the best in class international UPS and power solution maker. With more than 200,000 UPS produced every month, from 400VA up to 1500 KVA, they are sold in more than 100 countries around the world

With more of 400 engineers in Research and Development, these UPS solutions are recognized as the most advance technologies and one of the most reliable on the market

Following ISO standards, STX UPS are certified worldwide (Europe, US, Asia, Australia and Africa).

Our Product Line

STX H Series

STX H-Series

Microprocessor based with control screen, STX H Series get all the key functions to guarantee an efficient protection for domestic and small office use.

STX P Series

STX P-Series

STX P Series is embedding all the functions to guarantee an efficient protection for professional use from 1 to 2.5 KVA.

STX S Series

STX S-Series

Without any compromise, STX S series is ideal for server use.

STX I Series

STX I-Series

STX I Series is dedicated for industry applications. I series has incredible performance.